We Create Superheroes

A Superhero is simply someone who helps others. A Superhero is defined by how they help not by special “superpowers”.

Bringing the Superhero out in you.

Remember being six years old and wishing you had superpowers? I sure do. Now imagine if your child believed that they really did have superpowers! We teach kids how to be real Superheroes! Bringing out the superpowers in everyone. No, I promise I won’t encourage your kids to learn to fly. I can, however promise that I will show them how to embrace the super powers we all have. We all have something that we can give to someone. We can all change the world. Anyone can be a superhero. I believe that if we all acted like superheroes and followed their example we could change the world.

For instance, in previous years, our students participated in the 40 Hour Famine. And so did the whole Paragon team. Sensei gave up his identity and spent the weekend in various costumes. This might sound a little silly, but we raised over $5000 to help solve the Global Food Crisis. All it took was a few simple actions. But those simple actions had a big impact. This is something that the whole school is incredibly proud of, and another example of how we are more than just a karate school, we are a family.

We have been involved in supporting the Thomas Fun Run to help raise funds for the paediatric ward at the Angliss Hospital. Coming up we are helping to raise funds for the Children’s Tumour Foundation to help the Royal Children’s Hospital improve services to children with Neurofybromatosis.

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